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March 20 2017

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--c3o on Twitter
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best goalie ever in the world


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"0:00 – Dance routine of women in uniform and combat boots, intersting in a 1940s-50s dance number movie sort of way

5:00 – Museum of something about westerners and spying equipment? The dangers of using commercial electronics, maybe using them to spy on you?

10:30 – Boy and mother being brainwashed by a (Catholic?) priest and then the priest kills the boy, obviously about how dangerous western religions are

18:30 – ode to the patriotic tractor? Ends in a reference to 1955

20:00 – Ebullient woman talking about making clothes, complete with lots of certificates of some sort commentary and scenes about making fabric and clothes.

29:30 – Rock mining. People drilling rocks, and rock being dumped as fill? I couldn’t tell if this was about the rock being used, or if it was about making a tunnel

35:00 – A bunch of images of people working, marching, doing things with a soundtrack of singing. Getting a little glazed eyed here. The Great Leader is shown directing some activities with great vigor.

37:45 – Something about the early earth and its creation, with comets raining down and life evolving, fossils. Cuts to animatronic dinosaurs in a museum. Ah, it is a museum on natural history.

48:00 – Two very young children playing a duet on the piano, they look to be 5-6.

51:00 – Child (8-10) dancing with a stick, somersaulting, spinning,

54:00 – Two very young children playing a duet on stringed instruments

56:30 – Young girl (8-10?) choir singing a song and playing harmonica, move over K-Pop, you’ve been replaced

58:30 – More very young kids, this time boys and girls, doing an outdoors dance and song routine

Browsing around on the net late at night yesterday, I found a link someone had posted to 4chan of a stream that could be added into VLC relaying back a seemingly hacked live feed of North Korean television. North Koreans only have working TV for 8 hours on the weekend (which, due to their strict 6 day workweek, is only one day) and 3 hours after 5PM on weekdays, other than that it gets completely shut off. I recorded about an hour of it to share. Enjoy!"
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May 25

17. Gulaschprogrammiernacht

May 25–28, 2017 HFG Karlsruhe Add this event to a calendar application
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R.I.P Chuck Berry (October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017)
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